The Chevy Bolt

28 Oct

The Chevy Bolt is an all-electric vehicle which is perfect if you are looking for an environmentally friendly ride and you want to save money on gas and wish for further mileage. With a Chevy Bolt, you will have a simpler and more efficient journey.

Your Chevy bolt will let you drive hours upon hours, skipping every gas station on your adventure. And this is because the Chevy bolt has an average of 238 miles of range when it is fully charged. This means that you can travel straight for 4.5 hours. The Chevy Bolt is eco-friendly, but its technology and aesthetics are exceptional. If you test drive this car, you will get the electric experience. It has a spacious interior and aerodynamic, attractive finishes to make this car an absolute hit.

Most customers look for power in the cars that they buy in Chevrolet dealerships. The good news is that all Chevy vehicles are powerful, but the Bolt is loaded with technology that makes its power soar. Since you don't need to stop for gasoline, your trips will be more relaxing since you only need to focus on arriving in your destination. If you drive 40 miles on average, then you only need to charge your car every 3 or 4 days. With the Bolt, you save on gasoline and on energy.

The stick shift has been fully upgraded and enhanced. Drivers can now seamlessly and quietly change gears electronically. This results in an efficient and seamless response. The shifter has been slimmed down and so the Bolt's front cabin has a more spacious, open feeling.

When charging your electric vehicle, the fastest way to do it is through a 240 volt charging unit. This gives you the quickest charging time compared to the standard120 volt unit that comes in homes. If you use the 240 v charging unit, you will receive up to 25 miles of range per hour. You can also find charging stations available to the public that provide up to 90 miles of range per 30 minutes. Check Chevy Volt to learn more.

When you go to your Chevy Dealership, give your Bolt EV a test drive. Your Chevy Dealership can answer your questions so make sure you contact them. There are many other Chevy vehicles available in Chevy dealerships. Visit your Chevy dealership today to find what kind of deals you can get. Check Chevrolet trucks for more info.

So, if you are looking to buy a Chevy Bolt, you are buying one environmentally friendly vehicle that can help you save on gas. Visit for other references.

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